Welcome to Beacon Financial Group

Welcome to Beacon Financial Group

Established in 1987, Beacon Financial Group is a bonded and insured full service private mortgage lender offering hard money bridge loan financing to investor clients.

We create customizable loan products to meet specific customer needs while ensuring high security and high return on investment.

Increase Your Wealth… Now’s the Time To Invest in Mortgages

Why Invest In Mortgages?

Earn a High Return on Your Investment:
Investors will receive a fixed 8% APR interest payment monthly during the life of the short-term loan. Compare this with rates on a one-year CD (typically 1.5-2.5% currently)

Secure Investments
Your investment capital is backed by insured mortgages on real property at low loan-to-value ratios.

The average hard money loan life is less than one year.

Our Promise to You

We recognize preservation of capital as an imperative of any investment opportunity. We will do everything in a transparent, open, and businesslike manner, taking every step necessary to protect and grow your investment while minimizing your exposure. Properties you provide mortgages for will be available for your inspection at any time upon request. We stand behind our investments and look forward to working with you.

Matt Kersting, President
Beacon Financial Group Inc.