Investor Bridge Loans

Investor Bridge Loans

It takes money to make money, but it doesn’t have to take ALL your money. We help you build your own Cash Flow Stream by providing a reliable, hassle-free source of hard money funding for your real estate investment projects.

Finance up to 100% of Purchase Value of your Investment Property. Designed for Buy-Fix-Sell projects..

This loan program will enhance your ability to do more deals by leveraging your properties capital with Our hard money. Increasing the volume of your transactions can significantly increase your efficiency and profits.

  • Competitive Origination PointsInvestor Bridge Loans
  • 1 Year Loan Interest Only Terms (No Pre-Payment Penalties)
  • 14.9% APR
  • Super Fast Funding – One Week to Close
  • Stated Income
  • Super Easy Funding – Even with Damaged Credit
  • Investment project consulting

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